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It's amazing, but not really

Funny how we've run into so much negativity on a simple blog site just for promoting ourselves and reaching out to other blog communities. WOW, but not. It's a bit disappointing that so many negative people a part of the nation we strive to bring some music to. None the less, we are unaffected and call us crazy, but we wanna entertain the world anyway. We may not be able to change the world of mean people who are bitter for no reason, but at least we can make em dance and rock out for 3 minutes and 30 seconds at a time. HAHAHAHA!!!
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vertICAL HORIZON show!!!

 IT  was so awesome opening for VERTICAL HORIZON yesterday and they are such nice guys! Great show and a great turn out with some of our closest friends and family. The whole BBR crew was once again reunited and we are still buzzing from all the excitement!!!! We've posted some pics online and will be posting video shortly after!!!!



The fine line between fun and counterproduction

 If that's even a word. LOL. Just trying to capture and paint a good picture of the point I am about to make. Music is love, music is life, music is a healer I truly believe.......and when it is shared and created with people whom you love and care for, all those things are that much greater. It is meant to be enjoyed, to be uplifting and give you a soundtrack to scream to when life just SUX!!! 

However, the music and the life and the healing get detoured when the love and community and close connections become a distraction from the true purpose as to why the music has brought a group of individuals together. Ahhhh, the fine line between fun and folly is quite thin. All play, minimal focus and no work make a recipe for ZERO success and without success, the music and all the great things that come along with it and flower out from it are shadowed to never reach all the people of the world.

Something I'm thinking about, something for you to think about.

-Angela BBR

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Is there enough negativity in the world yet!?!???!!

 So I think it's really shitty that a local band can't shamelessly promote themselves in peace. One minute I'm in front of my computer minding my business, sending out posts to promote my band on myspace and  come across some douchebag's so unnecessary comment that read:
"Dudes, enough with the posting, people are about to delete you. Jesus!"

REALLY dude??!!?!? The first thing I thought was, well why are you reading them if they bother you so fucking much and then I thought, "Don't just talk about deleting us.....FUCKING DO IT COCKSUCKER!!!!!". It's like who died and made this cat the gatekeeper of how many bulletins someone, let alone and band, can or should post on myspace!?!?!!?

In any case, this is a prime example of how one person's negativity can spread like wild fire to another person and then it's a domino effect spiraling outta control. Is there enough negativity in the world yet, or do we need a little more?? It's hard not have a totally "human being" reaction since we've been cursed with the whole feelings and emotions thing too.

Anyways, I hate to admit, but that shit set me off for about  good 15 minutes and in the middle of such a pleasant day. Anyone ever had that happen? You're goin with the flow of your chillin little life then some angry bastard comes along to try and stomp your flea parade???? LOL.

Anyhow, here's somethin cool to check out after ya read.

-Angela BBR



Seriously, we sat down ( me and the boys of BBR, Mikey and Ron) with delicious food and red wine to parttake in the frenzy that is Oscar night and in my opinion (I don't know about the rest of the guys), but I was bored. I mean, I only really was watching for a small handful of reasons. 1. To see my friend Danny perform in the musical number (he's a dancer), 2. To see Heath Ledger win (well not SEE him, but you get me I'm sure) and to see Kate Winslet win because she is such an amazingly talented actress and her Oscar has been long in the making. Other than that, we found ourselves flicking thru channels most of it because it was the length of the movie "Titanic"!!!!!!

Come on! If I were in Hollywood last night I woulda been so pissed because I would not have been able to drive anywhere to my favorite spots cuz I KNOW all the streets were blocked off. LOL. In any case, hope you guys feel free to comment back to my little random rant and such.

Hit us up!!

Angie BBR